About The Collective

Black and Brown people of Afrikan and Indigenous descent dedicated to fighting against capitalism and racism perpetuated through American imperialism. Through mutual aid, political education, and by promoting community sustainability and self determination for all Black and Brown people, For Our Liberation is built off of our collective struggle for revolution and liberation for us all.

Peoples Programs

For Our Liberation is a collective of abolitionists & communists. 

We are pro Black as fuck..

We believe in the self determination of Black and Indigenous people.

Land Back!

We denounce capitalism and colonization.

We respect people’s identities and do not tolerate any anti-blackness, misogyny, transphobia, classism, ableism, or ageism. 

As firm believers of abolition, we are committed to solving conflicts through practicing transformative justice. 

We denounce the use of any carceral methods for our people.

We believe in self sufficiency and self defense, thus discipline is of utmost importance. 

We recognize that police are obsolete. 

We affirm that we seek to form a community of solidarity, both inside and outside of our direct organizing.

We know that Liberation for our people can only be obtained through revolutionary class struggle.

Assimilation under capitalism will not grant us liberation, and so we are prepared to obtain our freedom by any means necessary. 

We are our own liberators. 

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